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Champions Run Golf Course has a great environment for senior men of all skills levels to enjoy the game of golf. The fun starts before play as the senior men meet in the clubhouse to talk, drink coffee, and get to know each other. Many friendships form during the year and golf is the vehicle used to get needed exercise and gain social interaction. We have a committee of 3 senior men that facilitate running the game with the pro shop staff and we routinely have 40-60 players that play each week.  

The standard game played is a Points Game for our senior men players. If you are not familiar with a point game system it is a simple scoring system that handicaps a game to make it fair for each players no matter your skill level. In this game you play your on ball on each hole but pick the ball up after double bogey is reach on any hole. This gives each players the opportunity to play their own ball but takes the pressure off of completing each hole. It has the feel of a match play format but you are only playing against yourself and your personal point quota. Again we have a 3 person committee that takes care of organizing the game with the pro shop staff. Many players like the opportunity to play this format and enjoy seeing how many points they can make and track their improvement during the year.

Once each month our senior men host a golf tournament outside of the standard games. The formats vary each month, but each one offers a fun day of golf and friendship. These tournaments are individual and team formats and you never know what new fun format is going to be used.

Each of these games have standing tee times at Champions Run and if you want to play please call the pro shop and we will facilitate getting you in the game. Staring times vary depending on time of year, but summer start time is 7am on a straight tee and the games play fast so everyone is off the course by 12:15pm. The reasons to come join the game are many, so get off the couch and stop being a spectator and get back in the game.

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